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www.webroot.com/secure : Best Internet Security

Webroot Secureanywhere is the antivirus offers by Webroot through www.webroot.com/secure . It clears all the junk, Virus, Malware, Spyware, Trojans, Worms, ransomware, phishing attacks, adware, and other threats from multiple devices. It is cybersecurity antivirus that secures devices and data from identity theft, email spamming, money stealing, and many more in both online as well as offline mode. With the advanced protection, Webroot Secureanywhere protects your data from hackers and data stealers. It is compatible with multiple devices such as Computer, Laptop, Mobile phones, Smartphone, Tablet, Mac, iOS, and windows. A trial option of 15 days is also available at webroot.com/secure of Webroot Secure.


Webroot Securanywhere provides the best internet security to your digital world. Though it is an advanced version of Webroot antivirus, it blocks dangerous threats and malwares to protect your device and data from hackers as well as from online threats. Once you get Webroot Securanywhere from webroot.com/secure , then you try for Webroot Secureanywhere download.


How to Download, install, and activate Webroot Secureanywhere?

To complete the procedure of Webroot Secureanywhere download, you must follow the prerequisite of Webroot secure. 

Below are the following steps that will help you to download, install, and activate Webroot Secureanywhere:

Step 1: Webroot Secureanywhere Login or Sign up

  • Visit the URL: webroot.com/secure
  • If you have Webroot Secureanywhere Login account then enter Email and password with an existing account.
  • If you have Webroot Secureanywhere Login account, then enter Email and password with an existing account.

Step 2:  Download and installation

  • Once you login into the Webroot website, choose the version of Webroot Secure.
  • Go to “download” option below the Webroot Secureanywhere version.
  • Webroot secure file will start downloading. If you find an error, then go back to www.webroot.com/secure and try one more time to download it.
  • Double-tap on Webroot secure file, then tap “Run Installation.”

Step 3: Activate Webroot Secure with key code

  • During the installation, Webroot software will ask to enter the product key.
  • Paste the product key code in the box and submit it.
  • Follow further guidelines and close the installation after completion.
  • Restart the device and scan your file.

System Requirements for Webroot Secureanywhere

Before you go for Webroot Secureanywhere login through www.webroot.com/secure , below is the following list of the prerequisite of systems:

system requirement
  • High-speed internet
  • Operating system can be
    • Windows: 32 bits or 64 bit with minimum 2GB RAM and 15 MB hard disk space.
    • Mac: 128 MB RAM and 15 MB hard disk space.
    • Android: Operating system version 4.4 (Kit Kat) or higher.
    • iOS: Operating system Mostly iOS 10.
  • To visit webroot.com/secure required browsers can be Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.
  • Webroot Secure Account login is necessary.
  • Purchase product activation key either from a retail store or online using email.

Key features of Webroot Secureanywhere: Protect Your Data from Threats

Webroot secure has 3 ultimate versions, namely SecureAnywhere Antivirus, SecureAnywhere Plus, and SecureAnywhere Complete that you can get from www.webroot.com/safe .

SecureAnywhere Antivirus protects more than 3Pcs and Macs from numerous threats, data stealing and as well as from identity theft.

SecureAnywhere Plus and SecureAnywhere Complete is the internet protection antivirus that can use on upto 5 Macs, PCs, and smartphones. Its advanced internet security protects each activity of your digital world, including username encryption and password management.

Through www.webroot.com/secure , some of the key features of Webroot secure enlisted here:

  • Real-time Anti-Phishing with a simple design.
  • High-speed scanning with maximizes Performance.
  • Phishing, Spyware, Ransomware Protection with password manager and mobile protection.
  • Cloud-based security with direct control of active processes.
  • Gaming mode option while playing offline as well as online games.
  • Automatic updates without slowing down the device.